Tarred wooden wedges

Type: Public  - educational

Location: Vaala, Finland

Year: Completion 2012

Size: 5480 br-m2

Client: Vaala Municipality

Collaboration with Martti Karsikas





The four dark wooden blocks confine the main lobby and a canteen - the heart of the school complex. Each block contains its own functional entity and the central lobby space acts as an intermediate space through which one can access other parts of the school. These wedges have different orientation that derives from the natural characteristics of the site. Spaces between these wedges form yards for different and specific uses. Tar-treated wooden facade is a reminder of local history of dry distilling tar from pine wood, while colourful steel profiles give it a fresh contemporary look. Colourful floors in hallways are inspired by the traditional rag rugs of the area. The pursued atmosphere is sympathetic but brisk.



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